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The ShiftLabs EDIH is a national multidisciplinary consortium of well-established partners, collaborating to offer a high level of expertise and services to support manufacturing small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in their digital transformation.

99.9% of Swedish companies are SMEs and they correspond to about 60% of the  national annual industrial turnover. Manufacturing SMEs face many challenges related to increased global competition, short product planning time horizons, and supply chain disruptions. Lately, sustainability and resilience have become key development areas in an effort to comply with environmental standards as well as securing healthy work environment for employees and long-term financial stability. The increased need for digital transformation and swift adoption of digital tools and technologies has never been more urgent, alongside the companies’ abilities to adopt innovative business approaches.

Having supported SMEs for over 10 years, our members have collected an extensive experience in supporting production development, change management and adoption of digital technologies. The partners in ShiftLabs are located between Stockholm in the east to Gothenburg in the west.

The idea of innovative services specifically crafted for SMEs has evolved into “one shop window” national collaboration platform providing support to manufacturing companies locally. 

Organizationally, ShiftLabs is based on a national hub with regional nodes with outreach to a majority of the manufacturing industries in Sweden, namely Västra Götaland with nodes in Göteborg and Skövde, Mälardalen with a shared node in Eskilstuna and Västerås, and Stockholm with a node in Södertälje.

ShiftLabs has a proven experience within four areas crusial to digital transformation;

  • Test before Invest – allowing companies to test products and technologies before costly investments.
  • Support to find investments – assisting companies in securing crucial funding for investments in digital tools and technologies
  • Skills and training – developing and attracting key competences needed to manufacturing goods using state-of-the-art technologies and techniques.
  • Innovation Ecosystem and networking – creating events and facilitating match-making between manufacturers, technology suppliers and system integrators.

ShiftLabs  possess wide and specific expertise in digital technologies, including testbeds, data centres, and facilities to support SMEs with their individual needs related to artificial intelligence, cyber security, and high performance computing. Technologies in combination with the training and research resources provided by five leading universities, ShiftLabs  is a national resource and part of shaping the Swedish innovation system, with focus on manufacturing SMEs.