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About ShiftLabs

ShiftLabs is a European Digital Innovation Hub, funded by the Digital Europe Programme of the European Commission and the Swedish regions of Västra Götaland, Östra Mellansverige, and Stockholm.

The hub is a network of highly competent nodes with extensive experience in providing services to support the Swedish manufacturing industries.

While the hub is officially established in 2022, the partners have all been active within production system research, development and skills development for a long time.

“The ShiftLabs European Digital Innovation Hub combines some of Sweden’s strongest universities in production research, together with leading technology centres, and national organizations, to provide value to the Swedish manufacturing industries. The combination of different partners is a strength as it allows the hub to provide a wide range of services.” – Johan Stahre, Professor Chalmers University


The purpose of the hub is to provide four different types of services in order to support manufacturing industries to adopt digital technologies. Services focus on:

Test before Invest

 allowing companies to test products and technologies before costly investments.

Support to find investments

assisting companies in securing crucial funding for investments in digital tools and technologies

Skills and training

developing and attracting key competences needed to manufacturing goods using state-of-the-art technologies and techniques

Innovation Ecosystem and networking

creating events and facilitating match-making between manufacturers, technology suppliers and system integrators.